Ultimatum Game

Behavioral Adult
Person in charge: 
VIVES, Marc Lluís

Catalan people

Not active

The experiment consists in responding several rounds of a game called Ultimatum Game. Two players take part in this game, and it goes as follows: researchers give 10 euros to one of the players, the proposer, who has to split the money and make an offer to the other player, the responder. Then, the responder can accept or reject the offer. If the responder accepts it, the two players will take the correspondent amount of money offered by the proposer. If the responder rejects it, neither the responder or the proposer will receive any money.

In this experiment, participants will always be the responder. They will have to listen to different offers made previously by others participants, and reject or accept the offer.

At the end of the experiment, three rounds will be picked up randomly as final payout, to pay both the responder and proposers.