Linguistic and Non Linguistic Switching (Catalan-Spanish)

Behavioral Adult
Person in charge: 
MARNE, Paula

Bilingual catalan-spanish

Not active

With this experiment, we want to study how bilingual speakers control the both languages during speech. 

For this reason, we need people with Catalan as native language and Spanish as a second language. 

The experiment consists in two tasks: 

In the first task will ask the participant to read aloud the names of the drawings presented, one by one, in a computer screen. They will always be the same 8 drawings and the participants have to say in Catalan or in Spanish depending on the flag displayed above the picture (Catalan or Spanish). 

 In the second task three shapes of different colours will be presented. Two of them will be in the top of the screen and the third in the bottom. We ask the participants to match the geometric shape of the bottom with one of the two top figures, according to their shape or colour. The criterion (shape or colour) depends on whether the display shows the word "colour" or the word "form". This task will help us to see if the results obtained in the first task (language) also occur in non-linguistic contexts. 

In both tasks we measure the hits and also the response time of participants.