The laboratories

The CBCLaB (Neuroscience Laboratories) are the places where part of the research from some research groups of the Center of Brain and Cognition (CBC), before Unitat de Cognició i Cervell from the UPF is done:

  • CNS (Computational Neuroscience Group)
  • MRG (Multimodal Research Group)
  • SAP (Speech Acquisition and Perception)
  • SPB (Speech Production and Bilingualism)
  • RICO (Reasoning and Infant Cognition)
  • LCC (Language and Comparative Cognition) 
  • TCN (Theoretical and Cognitive Neuroscience) 

In these laboratories different studies take place  related with language, memory and attention and, depending on the type of study, take part on them adult subjects, children or babies.


The techniques used can be very varied:

* Conductuals: where subjects reply via keyboard or microphone to the visual and/or auditory stimuli
* Evoked potentials: where the reaction of the brain is studied using electroencephalogram registers.

* EyeTracker: where it is observed what and/or during how long subjects are looking at.
* Multisensorials: where subjects receive different stimuli (tactile, visual, auditory...) at the same time.

The laboratories are placed in the floor -1 of the building Mercé Rodoreda 24, of the Campus of the Ciutadella of the University Pompeu Fabra. +info