Research with adults

In Neuroscience Laboratories of Universitat de Pompeu Fabra we are running different research programs which study cortical, neuronal and synaptic sensorial functions (visual, auditive, ...) on human beings during their life time.

In our laboratories we are running conducting studies related to language, memory and attention, using different research methods. We have several rooms, including seven soundproof cabins, three electromagnetically isolated rooms for the use of evoked potentials, eye-tracker and specific hardware for further studies ....

Right now we are running several studies with adults, among which we mention next behavioral studies:

    Red Figures   Face Language Priming   Change of Mind   Continuation   Pink Elephant   Señales Ostensivas   

Other studies, which are conducted in electro-magnetically isolated rooms to work under the conditions in the study of evoked potentials, include the measurement and monitoring of brain activity during their running. Among them are:

                                 Switching Task   MMN  

Others work with multi-sensory integration and related mechanisms such as:

Qué Palabra!?   Vibrotàctil

If you want to participate in some listed studies please fill in the register's form and our experimenters will contact you in case your profile fits in one of our running experiments.

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